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SCSN experiences by Smolenaers


Harm Vlassak has been working at Smolenaers production and sheet metal for 26 years and is nowadays also a member of the MT. He is responsible for planning & control and IT, including automation within the company. At Smolenaers, the SCSN logo can be found in various places such as the front desk and e-mail signature, thereby positioning themselves as a true SCSN ambassador. We asked Harm about digitization in their company and their SCSN connection.

How did your SCSN connection come about?

Harm: "We started with EDI 8 years ago, and we were very enthusiastic about it. SCSN came up for discussion via MKG and we immediately switched to SCSN because it had many more possibilities for connections with suppliers and customers. Currently, we already have an SCSN connection with six customers and about the same number of suppliers."

Did SCSN fit in with your existing digitization efforts, or did your automation ambition start with EDI and SCSN?

"We had already digitized a few things internally via Supplydrive, but not yet with suppliers and customers. We have been an MKG user for quite some time, and parties like Supplydrive and MKG are also moving towards a certain point in terms of digitization."

The digital transition
"In the past, we went from fax to e-mail, and the two worked alongside each other for quite some time. The fax only died out completely after a while. I think it's now only a matter of time before all companies want to switch to digital order processes. We also order from MCB via the web portal, but SCSN simply offers more possibilities, even throughout the rest of the chain."

Why is digital communication with your customers and suppliers important?

"First of all, it reduces errors. We gain more insight per message, and we avoid retyping work in this way. SCSN also reduces our stock because I can trust that what I order today will be delivered tomorrow or the day after tomorrow in the desired quantity. I can simply order the non-fast-moving items per sheet. Those are the most important ones."

How do these benefits affect the way you operate?

“When a customer places an order, we see it immediately in the system. So we no longer have to retype it from the e-mail. And vice versa with respect to MCB; we order and we receive immediate feedback in the form of a delivery confirmation in the purchase order. That is ideal and you have a closed system.”

“You get used to the efficiency of digital messages via SCSN very quickly!”

“If we order from MCB or MCB Direct and that item is not yet linked for whatever reason, then we immediately miss that flexibility and it is annoying that everything has to be entered manually again. You get used to that efficiency very quickly!”

Time savings
"SCSN saves us a lot of time! We immediately know whether something is in stock at MCB, and you can order your material with just three mouse clicks. Previously, ordering material took three to four times longer. In addition, we receive price agreements at night when the gross price changes, so we are always up-to-date with our material price.

So, you can order your material with just three mouse clicks nowadays?

"Yes, from a production order, it entails:

  1. gathering material in a purchase line,
  2. specifying a desired delivery date in the purchase line, and
  3. forwarding it to SCSN. That's all.

So you'll be amazed at how fast it goes!

Would you recommend other companies to join the SCSN?

"I think SCSN is always a good idea. Of course, I don't know how the business process is arranged elsewhere. However, I have already explained to some contacts in the metal industry what the benefits could be for them as well. Of course, they immediately asked about the investment and any challenges they might face, but when you actually talk it through, awareness of the benefits arises. I expect that they will also switch to SCSN in due course. The network is now quite solid and it is becoming very interesting for more and more companies, even if you don't have a lot of items."

What kind of investment did you have to make for SCSN?

“Our main challenge was to structure our product range. We had to redefine basic materials. Altogether, this took 40 hours for about 400 different materials. We received a lot of help from MCB with this. An additional advantage was that it suddenly became much more structured for us and that we could more easily control price agreements and stock management.”

What does the future hold for you in terms of digitization?

"I have been working with some employees from MCB to also be able to digitally exchange the 2.2 and 3.1B material certificates. Because when I place a purchase order and the receipt is delivered, I would also like the certificate to be delivered digitally because we also attached it to the material here internally. This is now 80% ready and will also be up and running very soon."

About Smolenaers – “The tailors of sheet metal”
What others cannot make, Smolenaers can. They make special building objects such as the new entrance gate of Paleis Het Loo, seven boats for the ocean clean-up, and two objects for the Escher exhibition in the Hague Museum and our own front desk in the reception area of the MCB headquarters. Besides processing a few pipes, they also process 90% sheet metal and have been both a customer and main supplier to MCB for many years.


Do you have questions about the possibilities of digitization or SCSN for your company following this blog? Or are you interested in creating an SCSN connection? Then feel free to contact one of our Digital Product Specialists, Maureen Schonbrodt or Anne de Bresser.


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