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MCB wants to offer you maximum convenience. We deliver your products to your specifications so that you can process them straight away. Click the video for details of some of the machining operations we can perform. MCB delivers custom products: if we cannot perform the machining operation you require, we contract the work out to selected partners so that you can continue your business operations without interruption.

Pre-cut coil and sheet

Our in-house Steel Service Center (SSC) cuts steel, aluminium and stainless steel coil and sheet accurately to size. We slit, decoil and cut to size to highly accurate tolerances. MCB stocks a wide range of products which we process to produce pre-cut coil and sheet. We can slit master coils to produce coiled steel strip in widths ranging from 25 mm to approximately 1600 mm. The coiled strip can be subsequently transformed into sheet material on our decoilers. Our advanced, largely computer-controlled machines are operated by trained specialists. As a result, we supply products of guaranteed high quality. To your exact specifications. So that you can operate your process without interruptions.


Our Steel Service Center specialises in producing slit-to-width coil (aluminium, stainless steel and steel). We can slit a master coil to any width you require. With the utmost precision and in a range of grades and types.


Our advanced decoilers transform coils into sheet. Coils weighing up to 24 tonnes are processed to produce sheet to lengths of between 400 and 6000 mm. If smaller sheets are required, we can cut them or saw them to size on our guillotine shear or sheet sawing machine. Accurate in all dimensions, with optimum flatness and in an extensive range of grades and types. We also operate a number of specific decoiling lines for volume production of narrow strip.

Cutting to length

In addition to decoilers, MCB operates a number of steel shears for cutting sheet to size. We use these guillotine shears with integral packaging units to produce tailor-made sheet from steel, aluminium, stainless steel, copper and brass.

Sandblasting and corrosion protection

We can also arrange sandblasting and corrosion protection for you. Advanced technology and quality control checks at various stages in the production process allow us to guarantee high-quality products. Products that you can use without problems in any production process. After sandblasting, we can apply an environmentally friendly, water-based primer coating. Or would you prefer temporary protection in the form of a wax coating? That is also possible. We can sandblast, apply a corrosion-resistant coating, degrease or wax all grades of sheet material (except aluminium and stainless steel).


We cut tube, profiles and bar accurately to the desired length. We use modern, high-quality sawing equipment for this operation. Our high-volume saw can cut workpieces to size at high speed (minimum length of 25 mm) and we have a saw which is capable of cutting back basic lengths of up to 15 metres to almost any desired dimension. This machine is also capable of sawing at an angle to produce mitre joints. We are capable of sawing many material types for our customers, including stainless steel, aluminium, non-alloy and UNP beams. So we literally supply custom products. Click here for details of our sawing capabilities.

Grinding, brushing and applying protective films

An advanced machine surface-grinds and brushes stainless steel sheet and applies a protective film if required. Grinding is possible on one or both sides. Different grit sizes can also be used on each side. We also brush sheet to a fine or coarse finish. Finally, we apply a protective film to the sheet to prevent damage during storage, transport or processing. Our filming machine is capable of applying protective film to many types of sheet material, for example aluminium and electrolytically galvanised steel, in addition to stainless steel. We stock an extensive range of abrasive materials and films in order to satisfy our customers' needs.

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