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What are MCB web services? 

With MCB web services, you always have real-time insight into price and delivery time while determining the material requirement in your own trusted ERP system. You make the choice in advance what you want to order from MCB, after which you will receive a real-time confirmation. EDI is used to fully digitise the purchasing process.

Who are these web services for? 

MCB web services are designed for all customers who can connect with a rest-API and want a full integration where real-time information in the purchase process is important. This requires development to integrate seamlessly with your ERP system. We can support you with this development by working closely with your IT organisation and ERP supplier.

What benefits do our web services offer you?

In addition to all EDI benefits, you can also: order certificates, choose express delivery, take into account delivery dates for your situation and have real-time insight into:

  • Delivery date per item
  • Item prices, taking into account your price agreements
  • Processing prices, taking into account your price agreements
  • Packaging costs
  • Certificate costs
  • Shipping costs

What is needed to be able to use these web services?

As is also the case with EDI, it is important to set up the following matters in order to do business with us digitally:

  • Unique article numbers and the relationship to MCB article numbers
  • ISO standard order units and packaging units
  • An EDI connection for processing the packing slip and invoice


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