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EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

What is EDI?

With an EDI link, you can order digitally from MCB from your own ERP system. Together with you and your ERP supplier or IT department, we digitise your entire purchase order process.  Less administrative work and less chance of errors, while insight and speed are increased.

The EDI link is realised between you and MCB, in which the messages from the purchase order process are exchanged completely digitally. We support the following messages for this link:

  • Price catalogue, you will receive this after every price update
  • Order, we receive this from you with every order
  • Order confirmation, you will receive this from us after every processed order
  • Delivery note, you will receive this on the morning of delivery
  • Invoice, you will receive this after receipt of the approved delivery note
  • While determining the material requirement, you already have insight into our prices, after which you can easily order via your own system. Virtually nothing will change for you in the foreground, but you will notice that you will receive an immediate response from our system. In case of exceptions, we will always contact you, and your orders will be checked and processed with the greatest care.

Upon delivery, you scan the entry and inspect the receipt with the delivery note, after which you can automatically add the stock. You no longer need to enter the invoice, an inspection is sufficient to process it. You will also receive the signed delivery note digitally in the near future, this will be implemented in 2022 and 2023.

What benefits does EDI offer you?

We would like to list for you the improvements that lead to greater effectiveness and efficiency:

  • Reducing consultation through up-to-date insight into prices
  • Reducing administrative work in multiple processes and increasing productivity.
  • Reducing errors and failure costs
  • We are convinced that this will result in savings for you.

However, we also want to inform you that there is an even newer and smarter way for digital business within the manufacturing industry. This is especially important if you want to purchase digitally from multiple suppliers in the same way and offer your customers the same possibility. And all this in a market standard way via the SCSN network.

The ERP-systems with which we have a link:

From our side, we support links with nearly all ERP systems. Is your ERP system not listed here and you are curious about the possibilities? Please contact us using this form and your contact person will get back to you. Of course, you can also contact your contact person directly.

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