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Social responsibility at MCB focuses on three core values:

  • Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE)
  • Safety
  • Environment

Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE)

Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) is an inextricable component of the business culture at MCB. We are aware of our role and position in society and take this into account in our operating practice. MCB acts upon its responsibilities in the metal industry and is active in various industry bodies. MCB is also continuously on the lookout for more ways to improve development.

Socially responsible

Social responsibility at MCB focuses on three core values:

  • Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE)
  • Safety
  • Environment

The SRE activities of MCB focus on a wide range of subjects. Here are just a few examples:

  • Local sponsorship such as sports clubs, museums, art and culture, etc.
  • Sponsorship in CSR-related activities (Truckrun, sustainable projects).
  • Code of conduct: in 2018, MCB created a Code of conduct and signed it by all employees of the MCB Group.
  • Transparency in business operations (knowledge sharing) - personnel policy (training/education, sustainable employability).


At MCB “Safety is a top priority”. Safety is a way of life at MCB. It would seem obvious to say that all work has to take place safely. MCB strives for a safe, healthy working environment.

"MCB Safety"

Striving for a safe, healthy working environment is set out in the theme MCB Safety.

Safety is considered and treated as important throughout the company from the board room to the work floor. Employees know their competencies and responsibilities in the field of safety. Through maintaining an open business culture, employees and management address each other directly about safe working practice.

Legislation and regulations

The safety of employees and third parties is anchored; procedures are implemented and the working environment and working methods are made as safe as possible.

The “ten golden rules”

All employees are expected to observe the “ten golden rules”, the most important safety regulations within MCB.


Everyone who comes to work at MCB, is first thoroughly instructed about working safely. This instruction includes an introduction film (NL):


Care of the environment is also a fixed and integral part of our policy. MCB has ISO 14001 certification, which stands for a good environmental management system. We are constantly examining and working on the improvement of the (environmental) quality of products and processes.

MCB focuses especially on reducing energy and fuel consumption, reducing emissions into the air and the reduction of packaging and waste.

Even at the beginning of the 1990s, environmental factors played an important role for MCB in the selection of a shot blast and preservation system. MCB took a daring step for the time (as the first) to employ water-based primer.

In 2006 MCB became the ambassador for the government Department for Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment campaign ‘Een schonere lucht komt niet uit de hemel vallen’ (Cleaner air is no accident), and the entire fleet of trucks was fitted with particulate filters.

Energy consumption

MCB is constantly working to reduce its energy consumption. We do this by regularly carrying out energy scans, replacing equipment with energy-efficient alternatives and strengthening employees' environmental awareness. One of the projects is the replacement of all lighting by energy-efficient LED lighting. Various projects are currently underway:

  • Replacing all lighting with energy-efficient LED lighting.
  • Placing 3200 solar panels on the flat roofs.
  • Replacing steel sliding doors with aluminium doors, which close faster and thus keep the heat inside.
  • Replacing boilers with economical boilers.
  • The renovation of the office, which brings the energy class from C to A. Part of the plan, for example, is a green succulents-roof.
  • The replacement of forklift trucks and platform tractors by electric versions.

Diesel consumption and emissions

With 70 articulated vehicles on the road every day, diesel consumption and particulate emissions are important aspects. MCB is continually working on making the trucks cleaner: through the purchase of trucks with Euro-6 engines, the use of high-quality diesel and improving the driving skills of its drivers.

Waste and packaging

MCB strives to use sustainable packaging materials that can be reused. Materials are recycled wherever possible. MCB works with its waste processor to minimise waste and for the responsible processing of its waste products.


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