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Since 80 years together, continuously improving, reliable and smart.

MCB is the metal wholesaler who understands your business. Our personal approach fosters loyalty and trust in the cooperation with our customers. This can be seen from our well-stocked and extensive range of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous. But above all in how we help our partners to move forward. With improvements, innovation, ambition and growth. With an open and critical attitude, we get to the heart of our partners’ business. This understanding strengthens bonds. Thanks to this way of working we are able to ensure that our advice, services and products have millimetre accuracy.

Our passion for everything we do ensures dedication and results. The way in which we achieve this allows our customers to concentrate on their business.

This is how we play an increasingly important role in the success of our customers. Together we raise your organisation to the next level.

MCB is located in Valkenswaard and has sales offices in Belgium and Germany. With more than 600 employees working for you each day.


MCB contributes towards the improvement of sustainable competiveness in the manufacturing industry.
  • Contributes towards: making a difference through the deployment of its employees, means, knowledge and expertise for customers, partners as well as MCB itself
  • Strengthening: optimisation of chain productivity (effectiveness and efficiency) product characteristics and quality through offering unique solutions in the field of metal, logistics, processing and services
  • Sustainability: the ability to offer distinctive products and services in a (global) market
  • Competiveness: long-term, focused on future success and SRE driven
  • Manufacturing industry: machine building, sheet processing, machining


MCB is the chain partner in metal that creates added value through offering distinctive solutions.

  • Chain partner: striving for sustainable relationships as a reliable partner for companies in the chain, in which MCB wants to participate and coordinate
  • Metal: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, non-ferrous (sheet, bar, tubing)
  • Creating value: the proactive creation of discernible advantages for the customer, own organisation and other organisations involved in keeping in mind each other’s profitability
  • Distinctive: 
    • Generic (commodities) and (customer-)specific products and services
    • Specialist knowledge as intrinsic expert in the chosen product-market  combinations
    • Innovation on the basis of new insights and co-creation, utilizing the latest relevant knowledge and technology
  • Solutions: optimum answer to the questions asked through a combination of product, knowledge, service and business model, both generic and customer specific.


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