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The origin of Ympress Laser: quality you can rely on

26-07-2023, Natasja Bierens, Tags:

Ympress® Laser has been developed with the aim of superior quality and guaranteed flatness when processing for the end user. Jochem Niermeijer, marketing manager of manufacturer Tata Steel, talks about the origins of Ympress Laser and its development.

How did Ympress Laser come about?
“MCB was the initiator more than 15 years ago. MCB was looking for a supplier who was willing to give a quality guarantee on the plate. The guiding principle was that the end customer experience a consistent, high-quality, easy-to-process product. As a steel mill, we normally only offer a guarantee on the roll, but MCB wanted to be able to guarantee the quality of the plate throughout the entire chain. That's how we started with Ympress Laser, approved decoilers and approved distributors.”

What is the end result?
“Ympress Laser is a hot-rolled steel plate with exceptional flatness, excellent surface area and very good ductility. We guarantee flatness even after cutting. The material has a homogeneous, very consistent quality. That is guaranteed throughout the entire supply chain.”

Who is Ympress Laser ideally suited for?
“The users who continue to process the product after laser or water cutting by bending, folding or welding it experience the most advantages. Especially if you often have to cut or process smaller batches, you will experience the convenience. In that case, you can nest more efficiently with Ympress Laser and save on setup costs, because the material is so consistent.”

Where does the name Ympress come from?
“The Ym refers to IJmuiden where our blast furnaces are located and Ympress is produced. It is a truly Dutch product. ‘Press’ refers to the HSLA series, which focuses on very good ductility.”

Are there any developments in the field of Ympress Laser?
“MCB has expanded its range in S355MC Ympress Laser this summer, but that was not a new product for us. However, at the request of MCB, we are looking into whether it is possible to offer the Ympress 25 mm in laser quality too. In addition, we always try to think along with customers if they have specific needs.”

How do you feel about working with MCB?
“The initiative for the development of Ympress Laser came from MCB. That says something about our collaboration. For us, MCB is our access to the SME market. We have a nice, open cooperation in the sense that the lines are short and our specialists know how to communicate and cooperate on all fronts. There has been a lot of consultation, especially in the initial phase. We do not always agree with each other, but with these discussions we keep each other focussed and we continue to grow.”

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