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Die Kanter & Schlosser on their choice of Ympress Laser and MCB

12-09-2023, Natasja Bierens

The metal construction company, Die Kanter & Schlosser, based in Trier, Germany, has been using Ympress® Laser sheet material for some time now. Mechanical engineer Daniel Horst serves as the deputy workshop manager at Die Kanter & Schlosser and is responsible for process optimisation. We asked him about the benefits of using Ympress Laser and their collaboration with MCB.

Tell us more about Die Kanter & Schlosser.
Die Kanter & Schlosser was founded in 1995, starting with 5 employees and now employing 35 people as a medium-sized metal construction company . We are contract manufacturers specialising in all areas of sheet metal technology. From simple cuttings to complex bent parts and extensive welded assemblies, we can fulfill nearly every need in the sheet metal field. Additionally, our powder coating facility provides the final surface finish. Our customers include craft businesses, industrial clients, public institutions, and private customers.

What do you use Ympress Laser material for?
We primarily use Ympress material for thicknesses of 10 mm and above. The advantages of the material become particularly evident when it comes to laser cutting with fibre laser systems.

Why did you choose Ympress Laser quality?
We were already familiar with this material for over a year. Until the end of last year, we couldn't observe improved workability with this material using a laser system. This was because, until last year, we were still operating an older generation CO2 laser. After acquiring our new fibre laser system, we were able to observe issues in the cut with thicknesses of 10 mm and above. In the cut edge, there was no consistent focus, and the slag falling downward didn't always separate cleanly from the workpiece. Fibre laser systems, in general, are more sensitive to parameter settings and batch variations compared to a CO2 laser system.

What experiences have you had with processing Ympress Laser compared to other types of material you've worked with in the past?
The focus adjustment when laser cutting Ympress material can be much better parameterised. From the cut, we can see a smoother cut edge compared to conventional materials. Also, at the bottom of the cut, the slag separates cleanly from the material, giving us 100% burr-free parts.

Do you feel that Ympress Laser contributes positively to reducing total cost of ownership? Have you been able to amortise the additional material costs?

I would confirm this impression. I can rely 100% on a clean cut from the machine with Ympress material. This means that deburring as a process is completely eliminated.

'The smooth cut edge makes deburring unnecessary.'

Would you recommend Ympress Laser to other companies, and if so, why?
Yes, I would recommend it. As mentioned earlier, especially for sheet thicknesses of 10 mm and above, the advantages of the material in laser cutting are clear.

What is your experience of working with MCB?
We first made contact with MCB in 2016 at a trade fair. MCB's efforts have been consistently high from the beginning and continue to be so. Working with MCB means working hand in hand! Their customer-oriented and 'Just in Time' approach is MCB's top characteristic. Our contacts at MCB provide us with advice and support for all our needs, and their excellent availability ensures timely deliveries.

Since we require a wide range of materials, MCB supplies us with stainless steel, steel, and aluminum, among other materials.

Your collaboration with MCB is based on forecasts and Just-in-Time deliveries. Could you tell us more about that?
MCB sets a strong example when it comes to on-time and reliable deliveries. This includes optimised route planning as well as a quick response to urgently needed batches. We highly value MCB's constant availability and well-coordinated processes.

Why do you choose MCB as your supplier?
With MCB, we have a supplier who can consistently provide us with competitive prices and delivery punctuality.

Are there any areas where MCB could improve?
We would welcome it if MCB could expand even more into Germany, thus being even closer to our location. This would help shorten delivery routes and contribute to sustainability through reduced CO2 emissions.

Want to know more about Ympress Laser?
Read more about Ympress Laser and meet our specialists. They are happy to help you make the right choice for your company.


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